The Girl Who Wouldn’t Give Up

‘People told stories about the lake. They said there was a monster in it. An afanc, a monster with skin as thick as iron and teeth as long as your arm.’

The Girl Who Wouldn’t Give Up is a brand new creative community project by Green Squirrel and supported by The Community Fund.

The project centers around a traditional Welsh folk tale, carefully updated with the help of a bilingual storyteller to become a story of ecological crisis, hope, resilience, and the power of young people and communities to create incredible change. This story has a powerful message which we believe reflects many of the current challenges our communities face today.

We will support families, groups, schools and organisations to create their own place-based and sustainable artworks or performance inspired by the story’s themes, bringing together all the creative responses to tell the tale in a city wide celebration of community creativity. The project will take place over 6 months with workshops and activities from November 2019 and the final celebration in May/June 2020.

Visit to find out more and get involved, and watch the short film below to get inspired. Follow @BewareTheAfanc on twitter to keep up to date with the latest events & opportunities.