Meet Becca, Director & Sustainability engagement consultant

Becca is founder and director of Green City Events and has been running the company since 2012. She has been developing and delivering eco-events and projects in collaboration with local organisations, businesses and charities for more than 5 years. Her passion and commitment to sustainable living is at the heart of Green City Events and influences all decisions related to the company.

When she’s not working Becca loves to grow things and is often found pottering around in her little urban garden, tending to her tomatoes. Her passion for all things green started back in primary school where she started a club in the playground called the  ‘green team’ and persuaded lots of her friends to become vegetarian.

Many years later, Becca is still persuading people to make changes but she has exchanged her school playground protests for sharing practical skills, hosting engaging workshops, events and sustainability engagement consultancy.

Becca wants to use her experiences to help city-dwellers live greener and healthier lifestyles, offering them the opportunity to learn traditional, rural and sustainable skills.

Get in touch if you would like to speak to Becca about a project or event.