We specialise in Sustainability Engagement Consultancy.

Are you looking for a unique way to engage your clients, audience, beneficiaries or staff with a sustainability or environmental issue? You might be in the initial stages of planning a project, event or campaign and would like some fresh, innovative ideas or just need some help getting started.

We can help you. We specialise in Sustainability Engagement Consultancy.

We can consultant on a wide range of sustainability topics; from food waste, recycling, green spaces and growing projects to wildlife, energy, re-use and repair. We have built up a wealth of local knowledge and contacts as well as the experience to create successful and memorable events, projects and campaigns.

Consultancy fees start from £100 and may be waived if the consultation leads to working directly with us. Just get in touch to book a consultation with us.

You may like to browse some of our case studies to look at some of our previous work.