Hire our beautiful eco-tent for your festival or event

This is the Green City Eco-tent! The whole structure is 8×4 m or can be used as 2 separate 4×4 m units. It can be used on grass or hard standing and creates a beautiful light and airy space to host workshops, talks, stalls and activities. It makes a stunning space at festivals and events.

We have worked closely with our tent maker, Roly from Dream Tents to create a structure which is durable and as sustainably built as possible. The timber is locally sourced sweet chestnut, the base plates are reclaimed off cuts from a chimney manufacturer and the canvas is fire, rot and water proofed Regentex 12, from Inglis of Dundee. The bolts and brackets are made from steel with aluminium tubular inserts, however these compromises double the lifespan of the structure.

The tent is available to hire independently as well as part of an eco-event or workshop package. In addition we are able to source a larger range of handcrafted tents and structures depending on your needs. Just get in contact to discuss dates and prices.