LOVE food with Lia’s kitchen

LOVE food with Lia’s kitchen

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This year I am delighted to be working with Lia of Lia’s Kitchen on some very exciting events including pop up waste food cafes, as part of the Love Food Hate Waste 10 Cities campaign. Our first pop up cafe event was this Saturday and we had a wonderful time with our participants cooking up all sorts of tasty treats, sharing our food waste experiences and learning together.

Lia describes her business as ‘a moving feast of flavours: a pop-up dining experience, a guest cook, a cooking class and a ultimately a way to explore and travel the world through food and its cultures.’ And this is all driven by her passions for using local produce, creating diverse and healthy menus, increasing vegetarian food in people’s diet and working with friends and local businesses.

Lia is a phenomenal chef and is always keen to share her knowledge and passion so in the midst of our project planning I thought I would find out a little bit more about Lia’s love of food.


What was the first thing you ever cooked or baked?

Ohhh it was actaully Potato Dauphinoise! A  french potato dish with cheese and cream.  I must have been about 10 years old and I cooked it for my parents who were working late that night – I wanted to surprise them! I followed a recipe from my mum’s cook book and it turned out really well! That was the first dish I cooked completely on my own but I was often helping out my mum and Grandma in the kitchen – we used to make lots of pies together – they always involved me, from a young age.

Where do you get inspiration for your supper clubs? And who gets to taste them first?

My supper clubs can be inspired by a number of things – sometimes an ingredient that I get obsessessed with (the last was cardamom) or very often different cultures and eating experiences. Our last pop up for example was inspired by tavern cultures – featuring mezze, tapas and petiscos. My partner, Dan Green does most of the tasting before a supper club or sometimes lucky (or unlucky, depending how the dish has gone!) visiting friends. You can check out some of Lia’s recipes on her blog & try them yourself!

 Where do you like to buy lovely local produce in Cardiff?

I love going to Farmers market in Roath to get my local produce – there is a great selection of veg, fruit and meats.  My favourite has to be Blaencamel veg and Tom has very kindly donated some slightly wonky squashes for our Love Food Hate Waste events. I also shop at the Penylan Pantry – they have such fantastic local welsh produce and really take care to source everything ethically and locally– I just love the monmouthshire chorizo! I am lucky to live in Roath as there are so many wonderful Asian stores on City road where I can find exotic veg and wonderful spices.

 What’s your top tip for anyone wanting to reduce their food waste?

Your freezer is your friend! Really don’t worry too much about getting your portions perfect – it’s really tricky – and there is so much that can just go straight into the freezer! Cook more – freeze it – and it will save you time and money. You can freeze cheeses, spinach, sauces, soups, curries, even herbs are great to use from frozen. You can find some great information on the Love Food Hate Waste website about how to use your freezer more effectively.

So when is your next supper club and what will you be serving?

It’s on Valentines day! Saturday 14th February at Waterloo Tea, 1-3 Washington Buildings in Penarth. It’s all about celebrating friendship and love – bring your friends, your other half, your mum or your neighbour. Love birds of course are always welcome! The menu is inspired by sweet and savoury winter warmers and I am very excited about serving my latest creation, beetroot chocolate and black bean soup.

You can book a place for Lia’s Recipe of Love pop up dinner HERE. 

Don’t miss out – your taste buds will thank you!

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