Kitchen & garden remedies

Kitchen & garden remedies

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We are very excited to be hosting a brand new Kitchen and garden remedies practical workshop this March, led by experienced practitioner and medical herbalist Laura Carpenter. I caught up with Laura to find out what it means to be a medical herbalist and how to get started making your own remedies…

So what exactly is a Medical herbalist?
A medical herbalist is someone who uses both scientific and traditional herbal knowledge to both diagnose and treat a range of health problems. They have to have completed a degree in Herbal Medicine which means they are qualified to the level of a GP.

What does training to be a medical herbalist involve?
A lot of hard work! The degree covers the usual things like botany, plant chemistry and anatomy, but it also covered pathology, pharmacology, differential diagnosis and lots more besides. I completed over 600 hours of clinical training, mainly at the Stratford Clinic of Herbal Medicine in London but also at the Dermatology Department of Whipps Cross hospital in London. I took the degree part time over 5 years, travelling to London sometimes for three days a week every other week.

laura3Kitchen & gardens remedies – Wednesday 11th March – The Abacus – Book your place here

What is your favourite remedy to make from herbs in your kitchen or garden?
Probably onion and garlic syrup for colds because it is quick, cheap, very very easy and very effective. You just leave it to do its own thing and you have a remedy ready to go!

Is it expensive to make your own remedies compared to buying them in shops?
In most cases it is very inexpensive to make your own remedies at home. Probably the most expensive ingredients will tend to be the oil, sugar or alcohol you are using to make the remedy.

What are the benefits of making your own remedies?
They are quick and easy, cheap, sustainable and in many cases have been scientifically proven to be more effective than over the counter products. It’s also great fun. If you like baking, or jam making, or making anything really, then you’ll enjoy making your own remedies.

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