Glitter without the litter

Glitter without the litter

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Ok so I’m an eco-enthusiast but … I LOVE GLITTER! It’s not like I want to be covered in it head to toe 24-7 but I do love a sprinkle of the sparkly stuff at festivals and for fancy dress, and I think that’s the case for many of us. So when I started researching our #savethemermaids campaign last year I was determined to find an alternative to those teeny tiny pieces of plastic. Luckily for us I found Bristol based EcoStardust who are all over it, creating eco-glitter made from plant cellulose which can biodegrade in soil or water! But I will let them tell you their story…

EcoStardust on Eco-Festivalling…

We love glitter, closely followed by Festivals – and the two go hand in hand like cheese and
good wine, summer and sunshine, and other classic combos. It’s hard to find a picture of festival
goers without the glitter on their faces, bodies, beards, boobs and quite frankly any other body
part it can stick to!

When we realised we were littering the fields with tiny bits of micro plastic we thought hang on –
that’s just NOT OK. We’re not the sort of people who litter, but somehow because it’s disguised
in a sparkly sharade it somehow doesn’t twig that it’s tiny bits of plastic which are impossible to
pick up (however big the festival clean up team is) and hardly ever recycled. It will eventually
find its way into the soil, water systems and eventually the sea. And thanks to Sir David
Attenborough (hero!) we’re all well aware of the damaging effects of plastic in our oceans which
kills birds, fish and all sorts of wildlife. In short, however beautiful conventional plastic glitter is…
don’t be fooled – it never goes away and is really bad for the environment!

So we decided to do something about it and find an alternative, so EcoStardust was born, we
work with a UK based factory who make biodegradable glitter out of a plant cellulose –
Eucalyptus leaves, which are grown sustainably in Spain are flattened into sheets and then
dyed with cosmetic grade dyes. This makes it suitable for use on skin and a lot softer than
conventional glitters made of plastic. In the right conditions it should biodegrade in 90 days –
with moisture, warmth and microorganisms. So ideally, sparkle up your compost bin once you’ve
used it (using biodegradable wet wipes and tissue of course!). It’s vegan too, and never tested
on animals.

EcoStardust are committed to being environmentally friendly in every aspect of our business,
we cycle to work, drink tea with oat milk, and most importantly all our packaging is recycled,
recylable or compostable. We also encourage people to reuse our aluminium tins once they’re
empty by buying our refill bags (which are also biodegradable – look out for the green line) so
there’s less environmental impact on creating more tins! We’re also very proud to give 10% of
our profits to environmental charities, at the moment we’re supporting royal favourite, Surfers
Against Sewage – and recently did a riverside rubbish collection at Avon Gorge, and on the
water trail in the Brecon Beacons.

We’re really excited to be taking our glitter on tour to a whole load of festivals this summer – so
look out for us, come and chat, have a look and try out our glitters and get involved with the
switch to eco-friendly alternatives to plastic. Glitters not the most important thing in the world,
but it’s a good place to start #glitterwithouthelitter

Follow EcoStardust on Twitter & Instagram for a more sparkly timeline!

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