Boxing day boxes

Boxing day boxes

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Get crafty & put all that xmas wrapping paper to good use…

What did you do this boxing day? I was eating cheese and making masks from cereal boxes this year which brought back memories of this blog from the archive…

Boxing day means different things to everyone. Some of us will be in Christmas recovery mode; eating leftovers and clearing up mounds of wrapping paper, whilst others get up early and rush to the shops eager to get straight back into consumer mode and catch the sales! As you can probably guess I’m in the former category with a bubble n squeak breakfast and seeing what I can salvage from the Christmassy chaos!

This boxing day evening, amongst friends, films and cheese I found myself, very aptly making boxes. A very creative lady and her  grandaughter showed me how to fold these very simple boxes from a square of paper at the Festive Food Fair and I will now share this with you.

All you need is some scraps of wrapping paper – which you probably have plenty of (thicker stuff is best), a ruler, scissors or a scalpel and a pencil. Check out the video below…

Music by Daniel Barnett of Samoans, covering Christmas is Awesome by Reuben

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